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7 Things where Amazon’s Alexa Trumps over Google Home

Google Home was late to arrive at the smart speaker party, but it came with a few more advantages like having the ability to hold contextual conversations or to project photos and videos on a compatible television. However, Google Home is still is in its nascence and Alexa has moved forward in leaps and bounds. While Google Home is evolving and trying to keep up with Amazon’s Echo, here are seven things where Amazon’s Alexa performs better than Google Home:

1. Make Purchases and Track Packages

You can place your orders through Amazon’s Echo, and you can also track your packages from the moment you pay for your order. Use the command “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” and she will oblige your request with a response when the package is scheduled to be delivered. You may not get additional details like the status of your order or its shipment status, but the date of delivery is regularly updated.

2. Receive Delivery Notifications

Alexa can let you know if your item is out for delivery. This feature is not just limited to Amazon products but is also integrated with services like Domino’s Pizza too! Google Home, on the other hand, lacks this feature.

3. Play Music from Amazon Music and Prime Music

You can cast music from Amazon Music or Prime Music on Amazon’s Echo. However, on Google Home, you can only play music from Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and TuneIn. Echo can play from all the sources as mentioned earlier except Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Google Home cannot play music from Amazon Music and Prime Music.

4. Alexa Voice Remote

Spend $30, and you could voice control your Alexa from different voice ranges and various devices. Alexa voice remote becomes a focal point when communicating with compatible Echo devices and you can control the audio playback of media too. Google Home lacks such an accessory.

5. Support Third-party Apps

Amazon allows third-party apps to test their software or hardware and check if it stands compatible with Alexa. This hints that in the future, many apps will have the capacity of being controlled through Alexa. You can test an array of device compatibility with Amazon’s Echo but for Google Home, owning an Android phone is a vital prerequisite.

6. Philanthropic Acts

If you wish to make donations to various non-profit organizations, you can do that by instructing Alexa to do so. You can make donations ranging from $5 to $5,000 to a charity that is working in your field of interest. Plus, these are trusted charities that are relatively lesser known so your contribution will mean much more.

7. Scheduled Routines

Routines have recently been made available to Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. So far, Alexa has been more accurate in firing off time-bound routines. Alexa is reliable to ensure that your scheduled routines are followed. Google Home has introduced the feature too but is running into a few snags at the moment.

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