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How to Delete Cookies for One Website in Firefox

The websites that we visit run on cookies which our internet browser keeps storing. The cookies are text format files which contains the information and status of our visit to the particular website. It includes the login passwords, advertisement we are interested in, etc. to make the web experience smoother and quicker. While visiting a site on Firefox, it also stores a cookie with all the information which is not related to the personal information.

How to Delete Cookies for One Website in Firefox

Sometimes cookies also take up a large space resulting in the problems during internet surfing or browsing that particular website. In that case, deleting the cookie from one site could be a solution. But how will do it? The process to delete the cookie can lead you to delete all of them, and when you visit the websites again, you will find a bit tedious to access the site.

If it is a tough task for you to delete the cookies for one website, then you must follow the methods given in this blog to delete cookies for one website in Firefox. Let’s see the steps given below for deleting cookies in Firefox.

Here’s how to delete cookies for one website in Firefox

Clearing Firefox Internet Cache

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox in your computer system.
  2. From the top of the browser, click Firefox or Tools
  3. Now, select Options from the menu.
  4. Go to Advanced and click on Network
  5. Click Clear Now button in the Offline Storage.
  6. Go back to the Advanced menu and click Privacy.
  7. In the History section, select Firefox will drop down button.
  8. Now, choose Use Custom settings for history.
  9. Choose Clear history when Firefox closes.
  10. Now click Ok to begin the cleanup.

Deleting Cookie for One Site

  1. Click the hamburger icon from the right corner of the Firefox window.
  2. Now, select Options from the menu.
  3. Choose the Privacy & Security tab from the left window panel.
  4. Click Manage Data tab and select the website of which you will delete the data.
  5. Now, click Remove
  6. Click the Save Changes button and proceed to click Remove.

Some of the users may find the procedure a little complicated but, following the steps will definitely help you to remove the cookies for a particular website. Remember, whenever you perform a task to delete a cookie, you will need to restart Mozilla Firefox.

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