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Tips to Improve your Surface Pro 3 Experience

Did you get a Surface Pro 3? If the answer is yes, then congratulations are in order. Surface Pro 3 is not just your regular tab, and it is a piece of marvel. You can even ditch your notebook, as this tablet will be sufficient. Well, we did some research and compiled a list of all the tips and tricks that will help you make the best out of Microsoft’s popular tablet PC.  With these fantastic tips, you can transform your Surface Pro 3 experience.

1- Capture Screenshots

The best way to capture screenshots in Surface Pro 3 devices is by first pressing and holding the home button located at the side, and then long pressing the volume down button. Wait for the display to get dim, then the screenshot will get captured. You do not need to save the screenshot. To access it, just go to Pictures and tap on Screenshots album.

2- Use Emojis

Why spend minutes typing long sentences, when you can replace words with emoticons? Well, you can send heart emojis instead of typing out I love you, thumbs up emoji instead of typing good job, and so on. To send emojis, just wait for the on-screen keyboard to crop up. After that, tap on the emoticon button located to the left of the spacebar.

3- Restart an Application

You can easily relaunch apps that are currently running. Just drag the application downwards to the bottom of the screen. Do not release until you see the icon flipping. Now, just move the app towards the center of the screen.

4- Completely Quit a Modern app

Well, in Surface Pro, when any Modern app vanishes from the screen after getting swiped to the bottom, users assume that it has shut down. But, the app is still running in memory, in order to launch quickly if you decide to open it again. In order to completely shut down the application, swipe it to the end of the screen, and do not release until you see its icon flip. Release the icon, and the application has now been completely closed.

5- OneNote Handwriting Recognition

In order to look up handwritten notes, just launch the notebook in OneNote for the desktop. Now, your handwriting will get, and you can look it up in desktop or mobile OneNote versions. If you use the desktop variant, you can even take handwritten notes and convert it to text.

6- Sign in using an Image Password

Are you tired of entering a password in order to sign in to your Surface Pro 3? Well, you can use Image password. If you enable this feature, to sign in, you will be shown an image, and you will be asked to perform three gestures for signing in. You can select the image as well as the gestures. In case you cannot remember the picture or gesture, then you can sign in with the password.

Launch the Charms bar by swiping to the left. Now, tap on Change PC Settings and select Account. Go to Sign-in options. Now, just add a picture password.

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