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How to Enable Apple ID in iOS

Are you blocked out of your Apple ID? If yes, then it must a bad time you are facing while using an iOS device. The situation is frustrating and not uncommon for the iOS device holders. A lot of individuals have reported about the disabled Apple ID. As a result, the updating or downloading the Application becomes a tough task. But wait, there are some approaches to resolve the problem and tackle the situation. Follow the methods mentioned in the guide and enabled your Apple ID in your iOS device.

Here is how to enable Apple ID in iOS

Referring iForgot

Sometimes the Apple ID is disabled or blocked without notifying the user. Concerning the unexpected problem, the developers provided the account recovery option called iForgot. The iForgot is recovery option from Apple to its users to regain the access to Apple ID. In other cases, the user can be asked to reset the Apple ID and password to access the account. But still, if the account recovery remains unsuccessful, then you must wait for a day to attempt the unlock Apple ID.

Try Two Factor Verification

The iOS device holders can follow the method to regain the disabled Apple ID.

  1. Open the Settings of your iOS device.
  2. Now tap your Apple profile.
  3. Click the Password & Security tab and go to Change Password.
  4. Now follow the instructions and on-screen the steps and proceed to update the password.
  5. Remember, the iOS 10.2 or previous version holders tap the iCloud and type your name on it.
  6. The Macintosh users must click the Apple logo and select System Preferences.
  7. Now click the iCloud and select Account Details button.
  8. Click Security and move to select Reset Password.
  9. Enter the password with you unlock your Mac and reset the Apple ID.

Two Step Verification

In two Step Verification method, Apple requires the user to verify the identity. To do that, the Recovery Key is needed, and hence it sends a 14 character long passcode to the user. The passcode is the Recovery Key which is really necessary to regain the access the Apple ID. Since the passcode is an essential thing during the complete process, thus you should keep it with you. If you lose the 14 character key, then you will not be able to change the password.

  1. Go to the Apple website
  2. Now you will see a section to type the Recovery Key.
  3. Enter the Recovery Key and select to Continue.
  4. Select any device from the options.
  5. Apple will send the verification code on the selected device.
  6. Open the verification code from the device.
  7. Provide the verification code to the company and enter the new password.
  8. Click the Reset Password option.

These methods are the best approaches to enable the Apple ID in the iOS device. The two factor or recovery keys are the most essentials item in the iOS thus should not be shared with anyone else in the system. The first and the third method are very helpful and hence highly recommended to you while enabling the Apple ID in your iOS device.

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