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PlayStation to Skip E3 2019

Recently, Sony has announced that the Play Station is officially skipping E3 2019. In the history of 24-years of E-3, it’s a very first time when gaming giant won’t attend the show.

One statement is released by the Game Informer, Sony confirmed that it would be skipping the annual conference, and commenting on that, “As the industry changes, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for the ingenious opportunities to engage the community easily. However, all the PlayStation fans mean the world to us, and we always want to innovate, and also want to think very differently and need to experiment with some new and best ways to bliss all the gamers. And after a conclusion, they have decided not to take part in E3 in 2019. Sony Interactive Entertainment is exploring some new and familiar ways to engage all the community in 2019 and they even can’t wait to share their plans with us.”

In the recent month, Sony has already canceled its news marks the second major PlayStation. Also, the company isn’t even running its yearly PlayStation Experience event which is going to be held at the beginning of December where the company tends to present some of their upcoming games.

The chairman of worldwide studios for Sony Interactive Entertainment Shawn Layden said that the problem is only that the company wouldn’t have sufficient new material even to justify the event. “And the company even doesn’t want to set any expectation which is really high and then not bring on it. It was a hard decision by the company,”

The president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida of Sony confirmed all the plans for a successor to the PlayStation 4, leading towards the rumor that Sony might be winding down its all efforts with the PS4 with the purpose of start ramping up for any declaration and release of a new device, perhaps the PlayStation 5 in either 2019 or 2020.

However, Sony is not only the first, foremost company to skip E3; even the Nintendo famously didn’t attend the conference in year2013 only due to the favor of some online press conferences.

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