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YouTube to Stream Free Ad-Supported Feature Films

Recently, YouTube started releasing out a series of features films that all the viewers of YouTube can watch it for free of cost, and also supported by ads. However, the selection of the films is not that much large; there are also some famous ones that the users can easily grab, like The Terminator, Blonde, and Rocky.

The video Platform starts releasing movies in October with a category which is named as “Free to watch” available in its movie section, where users have some traditionally purchased or some rented movies. The films will also come with some commercials interruptions, or with the pop-up ads which generally appears at standard intervals, according to AdAge.

The YouTube Product Management Director Rohit Dhawan told to the AdAge that the company saw a chance for all the advertisers and consumers and also note that there is some way for all the advertisers to “Sponsor” films or hold some exclusive screenings. But at this time, the selection is just limited to almost 100 films, a selection that Dhawan said will ultimately increase.

 However, the feature comes not long after Roku has announced that it’s a free, ad-supported movie selection, and the Roku channel would now also available on the Web, which may also include some older films, like The Matrix and 50 First Dates. While the Walmart also has it an individual selection of some free streaming films which are available on Vudu, and the service Tubi also has its own large and big selection of free films.

Now the YouTube’s attacks into those fields which make some sense, AdAge already noted that progressively people are accessing their sites on some smart TV’S and also allocating some ad-supported free films which could be gathering a huge new audience only for the site’s extensive ad networks.

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