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2018 iPhones Speculated To Have Intel Modems

According to the Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer George Davis, like the Apple’s enduring dispute with the Qualcomm seems like it will have a big bang on the components that are used by the Apple in this year’s upcoming iPhone models. Davis also said that Apple aspires to use companies’ competitor’s modems solely rather than its Qualcomm modems in its upcoming iPhone release. Though Davis didn’t even mention the name of Intel, but Intel is the only further supplier of that component for the Apple’s Phones.

Earlier of this year, according to the report from the KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple would trench the Qualcomm as it is the only long-time supplier of the cellular modems therefore due to its legal dispute with the chipmaker. Though with the compress of 4G, now Apple started using Intel and Qualcomm both modems, though the Qualcomm has a very long conceit it on offering faster components. This week company also advertised the speed tests for its Snapdragon 845 chip as verifying its products are much more superior than other Intel’s, probably in a recent attempt to anticipate some negative reaction to the Davis’ revelation.

Currently, Apple and Qualcomm are connected in a bitter patent breach and also royalty dispute over the Apple’s for using the Qualcomm technology and also the amount of money which is charged by the chipmaker to the Apple for the use of its patents and components. Initially, Apple also sued Qualcomm in the early of 2017 for supposedly overcharging to use its LTE modems which are very much necessary for helping smartphones to connect to the internet easily.

However, the Qualcomm then counter-sued, saying that the Apple owed its more money in the royalties, and additionally the iPhone maker violated on some of its patents and also shared proprietary information with the Intel. The Qualcomm also has tried to get several iPhone models which unsuccessfully banned from sale in the US.

Since all two have continued to the file lawsuits against one another as it is a formal business relationship between them also have all, but it declined completely. Complicating the circumstances is that the Qualcomm anticipates having its 5G modems shipping with the devices later of this year, probably first stating with the mobile hotspots and also moving on to smartphones, Intel has also said frankly that it won’t even have the 5G chips ready until the year 2019.

Recently, Apple is also said that to be distancing itself from the Intel components in some other areas, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mobile chips and also MacBook processors, although there is no any other indication which would necessarily harm the Apple’s relationship with the Intel regarding the cellular modems. As Apple could still use some another partner like MediaTek or might be possible that there is very small chance that Apple could repair its relationship with the Qualcomm only if Apple believe like it is missing the boat on 5G, though it seems increasingly doubtful at this stage

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